Gotta Push Through; No Time to Heal

I constantly hear women saying they need to “push through”. They need to “get over” their anxiety. Their limitations. Their fears. Their inability to deal with everyday situations. They need to just sort it out and get through it. Whatever they do, they can’t stop. They need to keep going. This often comes paired withContinue reading “Gotta Push Through; No Time to Heal”

12 Tips To Get & Keep More Sleep In Your Life.

Sleep more. We hear it all the time. If not from a Dr, podcast, book or concerned friend you’ll have at least heard it from your Mum. It’s advice that’s given so often throughout our lives, that the words have lost all meaning. We forget how important sleep really is. Sleep more. Yeah, sure. Once IContinue reading “12 Tips To Get & Keep More Sleep In Your Life.”

Likes, Emojis & What You’re Worth

I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve not been posting, writing, sharing…I’ve turned inward. I needed time for myself. I didn’t want to be on social media.  After a couple of days and weeks, I began to feel this obligation to “get back out there”, to “stay connected”. It filled me with dread. I didn’tContinue reading “Likes, Emojis & What You’re Worth”

The Long Haul of Addiction: How Detoxing Can Help Reset Boundaries

Over the years I’ve detoxed a lot of things. Ice Cream. Crushes. Peanut Butter. Alcohol. Even family members.  Somewhere along the line, you just realise that the thing you love is no longer good for you. You realise that if you don’t limit it or cut it out of your life, it may control youContinue reading “The Long Haul of Addiction: How Detoxing Can Help Reset Boundaries”