The Only Reason You Need To Meditate

After a few months of struggling with energy and motivation, I succumbed. I stopped trying to fix everything externally. My diet, my exercise, my routine, my commitments. Yes, all of these are so important to my health and wellbeing, but they weren’t what I was lacking.  I turned inward instead. I realised that the imbalancesContinue reading “The Only Reason You Need To Meditate”

12 Tips To Get & Keep More Sleep In Your Life.

Sleep more. We hear it all the time. If not from a Dr, podcast, book or concerned friend you’ll have at least heard it from your Mum. It’s advice that’s given so often throughout our lives, that the words have lost all meaning. We forget how important sleep really is. Sleep more. Yeah, sure. Once IContinue reading “12 Tips To Get & Keep More Sleep In Your Life.”

10 Tricks to De-Stress in Under 5 Minutes: Your Quick Fix Guide

There are so many tricks to de-stressing. You only have to search Google or Pinterest to find a thousand lists. Most of them are one or two words to get you on the right track. Breathe. Go for a walk. Be mindful. Find gratitude. These are all great, but what if you’ve never done anythingContinue reading “10 Tricks to De-Stress in Under 5 Minutes: Your Quick Fix Guide”

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Two Life Lessons from Meditation

I hate discomfort.  As a society, we’ve learnt that if we’re just the slightest bit uncomfortable, we should adjust. We should switch to a different feeling pronto.  If we’re bored, we pick up our phone. If we’re stressed, we pick up a snack. If we feel an ache in our back, we pop a pill.Continue reading “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Two Life Lessons from Meditation”

How To Live Each Day Purposefully

Purpose is a tricky word. It almost suggests that there’s only one reason for being. And for some, that may be true, but for others, you may have many reasons. You may have multiple purposes and they may come and go throughout different stages of your life. I am the later and I have learntContinue reading “How To Live Each Day Purposefully”

Achieving Your Goals: Enduring the Discomfort

I watch as another drop of sweat falls from my forehead and lands on the mat beneath my feet. I feel gross. My face is radiating heat and my legs have a small but undisputable shake to them. I move “in-tune” with the video, only the instructor seems to be sweating a lot less thanContinue reading “Achieving Your Goals: Enduring the Discomfort”

A Face Masked Funeral: My Spiritual Awakening

It’s 4 o’clock on a cold winter’s morning. I’m zipping up my carry on and having a last minute scan of the house before we head for the airport.  We’ve been in Poland for a whirlwind of four days following the news of my partner’s grandma passing away earlier in the week. After a franticContinue reading “A Face Masked Funeral: My Spiritual Awakening”