The Only Reason You Need To Meditate

After a few months of struggling with energy and motivation, I succumbed. I stopped trying to fix everything externally. My diet, my exercise, my routine, my commitments. Yes, all of these are so important to my health and wellbeing, but they weren’t what I was lacking.  I turned inward instead. I realised that the imbalancesContinue reading “The Only Reason You Need To Meditate”

A Face Masked Funeral: My Spiritual Awakening

It’s 4 o’clock on a cold winter’s morning. I’m zipping up my carry on and having a last minute scan of the house before we head for the airport.  We’ve been in Poland for a whirlwind of four days following the news of my partner’s grandma passing away earlier in the week. After a franticContinue reading “A Face Masked Funeral: My Spiritual Awakening”