Gotta Push Through; No Time to Heal

I constantly hear women saying they need to “push through”. They need to “get over” their anxiety. Their limitations. Their fears. Their inability to deal with everyday situations. They need to just sort it out and get through it. Whatever they do, they can’t stop. They need to keep going. This often comes paired withContinue reading “Gotta Push Through; No Time to Heal”

Myers Briggs: Testing Your Personality

I first took the Myers Briggs personality test about 7 years ago.  I was going through some large life-transitions at the time, including a divorce, new home, and new job. I felt a huge sense of freedom in my life but it was mingled with insecurities. I had high highs and low lows.  I beganContinue reading “Myers Briggs: Testing Your Personality”

The Only Reason You Need To Meditate

After a few months of struggling with energy and motivation, I succumbed. I stopped trying to fix everything externally. My diet, my exercise, my routine, my commitments. Yes, all of these are so important to my health and wellbeing, but they weren’t what I was lacking.  I turned inward instead. I realised that the imbalancesContinue reading “The Only Reason You Need To Meditate”

Break Your Limits And Get What You Want

I don’t recognise the bends in the road as we approach. I don’t recognise the upcoming houses, trees or neighbours. I don’t recognise the local church or pub.  I don’t recognise any of it with the familiarity of somewhere you’d call home and yet I feel a deep sense of love as I get outContinue reading “Break Your Limits And Get What You Want”

The Long Game: 3 Key Tips On Keeping Momentum for Long Term Goals

“I’m frustrated.” She let out a heavy sigh. “We’re having to go back to something we spoke about 3 months ago. I feel like I’m wasting your time. I’m not progressing as quickly as I should.” I felt my client’s pain. We’ve all been there. We’ve all tried to change something in our life andContinue reading “The Long Game: 3 Key Tips On Keeping Momentum for Long Term Goals”

What a Year of Coaching Has Taught Me About Myself and Others

My client was quiet. She paused with a slight smile on her lips before speaking. Her eyes sparkled with the last rays of sunlight filtering in through the small window in her room.  “You mean, it’s as simple as that?” “Yeah.” I nodded. “It is.” My client laughed. She went on to explain how sheContinue reading “What a Year of Coaching Has Taught Me About Myself and Others”