Sweet Potato Nut Roast

1 hour 10 mins total 10 mins prep 1 hour cook time -2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into cubes -1 medium carrot, grated -1 small red onion, chopped -100g chestnut mushrooms, finely chopped -8 almonds, chopped -8 brazil nuts, chopped -8 walnuts, chopped -8 cooked chestnuts, chopped  -1 tbsp dairy free butter/spread -2Continue reading “Sweet Potato Nut Roast”

Achieving Your Goals: Enduring the Discomfort

I watch as another drop of sweat falls from my forehead and lands on the mat beneath my feet. I feel gross. My face is radiating heat and my legs have a small but undisputable shake to them. I move “in-tune” with the video, only the instructor seems to be sweating a lot less thanContinue reading “Achieving Your Goals: Enduring the Discomfort”

Spiced Carrot Bagel Sandwich

5 mins total 5 mins prep time -1 medium carrot, grated -2 slices of raw leek, chopped -1 tbsp vegan mayo -7 cashews, chopped -½ tsp cajun spice -I tbsp fresh coriander chopped (optional) -1 GF bagel -1 leaf of Romaine lettuce -3 slices of cucumber -Vegan butter Mix the first six ingredients together inContinue reading “Spiced Carrot Bagel Sandwich”

Polenta and Veggies in a Tomato Sauce

30 mins Total 5 mins prep 25 mins cook time -Polenta, 2 cups rinsed  -1 carrot, chopped -1 pak choi, chopped -1 celery stalk, chopped -1 courgette, sliced or chopped -2 large handfuls of spinach -1 small handful of rocket -1 portion homemade tomato sauce* -Zest of 1 lemon -1 tsp dried oregano  -2 tbspContinue reading “Polenta and Veggies in a Tomato Sauce”

Homemade Tomato Sauce

20 mins Total -1 small onion, chopped (optional; leave out if on a low fodmap diet -1 carrot, chopped (optional; this is great if you’re used to shop bought sauces which have added sugar. Carrots are naturally sweet) -1 can of chopped tomatoes  -1 splash of balsamic vinegar  -2 cloves garlic, minced (optional; leave outContinue reading “Homemade Tomato Sauce”

New Year’s Resolutions: Putting 2020 Behind You and Setting Goals that Really Matter

I usually find New Years to be a disappointment. There’s something about being crammed shoulder to shoulder whilst you jostle near the bar that is totally unfulfilling for what is meant to be a magical night. Especially when you’re paying extortionate prices for drinks that will just get spilt on an already sticky floor.  There’sContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions: Putting 2020 Behind You and Setting Goals that Really Matter”

Intuitive Eating: The Only Nutrition Plan That Will Work for You

It feels like there’s conflicting advise about food everywhere you look. You go onto Instagram and see a delicious looking steak with vegetables and your favourite workout trainer is telling you to eat high protein and low carb. A minute later a nutritionist on Facebook is telling you to avoid red meat and eat lotsContinue reading “Intuitive Eating: The Only Nutrition Plan That Will Work for You”

A Face Masked Funeral: My Spiritual Awakening

It’s 4 o’clock on a cold winter’s morning. I’m zipping up my carry on and having a last minute scan of the house before we head for the airport.  We’ve been in Poland for a whirlwind of four days following the news of my partner’s grandma passing away earlier in the week. After a franticContinue reading “A Face Masked Funeral: My Spiritual Awakening”