The Rabbit Hole of Eating Well: Don’t Believe Every Nutrition Headline You See

Knowing how to eat well isn’t as easy as it used to be. In the past, we considered eating a home-cooked meal relatively healthy and any fast food or processed food to be less good for you. It was as simple as that.  Now you only have to go on social media to be toldContinue reading “The Rabbit Hole of Eating Well: Don’t Believe Every Nutrition Headline You See”

Vegan “Chicken” & Bean Casserole

Such an easy dish. You can throw this together in 20 minutes and it’s fully nourishing and delicious. We loved this one. 5 min prep time 15 min cook time 20 min Total  Ingredients: 160g vegan chicken (I used The Vegetarian Butcher, What the Cluck) 1 tin butter beans, drained 1 pak Choi, chopped 100gContinue reading “Vegan “Chicken” & Bean Casserole”

Learning How to Perform Well, Live Well

I slump on to the sofa and let out a heavy sigh. My boyfriend glances over his laptop at me, “you ok?” “Yeah, just…” I don’t know the words, so I choose “tired.” He smiles in a way that says, hang in there, and pauses to see if I’ll say more. I open my laptop andContinue reading “Learning How to Perform Well, Live Well”

10 Tricks to De-Stress in Under 5 Minutes: Your Quick Fix Guide

There are so many tricks to de-stressing. You only have to search Google or Pinterest to find a thousand lists. Most of them are one or two words to get you on the right track. Breathe. Go for a walk. Be mindful. Find gratitude. These are all great, but what if you’ve never done anythingContinue reading “10 Tricks to De-Stress in Under 5 Minutes: Your Quick Fix Guide”

“Meaty” Mushroom & Cabbage Chipotle Soft Tacos

Serves 4 15 mins Total 5 mins prep 10 mins cooking time Ingredients: ¼ red cabbage, chopped (275g)  1 small red onion, chopped (75g) 175g chestnut mushrooms, chopped 2 tsp vegan chipotle chilli paste 2 tbsp fresh coriander, finely chopped 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp ground coriander ½ tsp ground ginger Pinch of HimalayanContinue reading ““Meaty” Mushroom & Cabbage Chipotle Soft Tacos”

An Introvert’s Guide: Five Essentials to Re-Socialising

I feel the sun’s warmth on my face as I walk to the shops. It’s such a simple action and yet I feel invigorated as my limbs move purposefully along the pavement. I feel free.  Like most of us, I’ve spent most of the last year in one place. I’ve had walks in the countrysideContinue reading “An Introvert’s Guide: Five Essentials to Re-Socialising”

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Two Life Lessons from Meditation

I hate discomfort.  As a society, we’ve learnt that if we’re just the slightest bit uncomfortable, we should adjust. We should switch to a different feeling pronto.  If we’re bored, we pick up our phone. If we’re stressed, we pick up a snack. If we feel an ache in our back, we pop a pill.Continue reading “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Two Life Lessons from Meditation”

How To Live Each Day Purposefully

Purpose is a tricky word. It almost suggests that there’s only one reason for being. And for some, that may be true, but for others, you may have many reasons. You may have multiple purposes and they may come and go throughout different stages of your life. I am the later and I have learntContinue reading “How To Live Each Day Purposefully”

Feel Good Falafels

These falafels are full of healthy ingredients and are baked rather than fried, making them a much healthier option than a lot of recipes out there. They’re delicious, vegan, gluten free and easy to make. Not to mention they stay together. Serves 4 45 mins Total 15 mins prep 30 mins cooking time Ingredients: 2Continue reading “Feel Good Falafels”

Emotional Eating; The Need for More Than Food

I hold the door of the fridge open with one hand and peer in. Lettuce, peppers, cucumber, half a bag of kale, dairy-free yoghurt, oat milk. Nothing looks appealing. I long for ice cream or chocolate but I know I don’t have any.  The truth is, there’s plenty of things I could make. I couldContinue reading “Emotional Eating; The Need for More Than Food”