An Introvert’s Guide: Five Essentials to Re-Socialising

I feel the sun’s warmth on my face as I walk to the shops. It’s such a simple action and yet I feel invigorated as my limbs move purposefully along the pavement. I feel free.  Like most of us, I’ve spent most of the last year in one place. I’ve had walks in the countrysideContinue reading “An Introvert’s Guide: Five Essentials to Re-Socialising”

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Two Life Lessons from Meditation

I hate discomfort.  As a society, we’ve learnt that if we’re just the slightest bit uncomfortable, we should adjust. We should switch to a different feeling pronto.  If we’re bored, we pick up our phone. If we’re stressed, we pick up a snack. If we feel an ache in our back, we pop a pill.Continue reading “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Two Life Lessons from Meditation”

How To Live Each Day Purposefully

Purpose is a tricky word. It almost suggests that there’s only one reason for being. And for some, that may be true, but for others, you may have many reasons. You may have multiple purposes and they may come and go throughout different stages of your life. I am the later and I have learntContinue reading “How To Live Each Day Purposefully”

Feel Good Falafels

These falafels are full of healthy ingredients and are baked rather than fried, making them a much healthier option than a lot of recipes out there. They’re delicious, vegan, gluten free and easy to make. Not to mention they stay together. Serves 4 45 mins Total 15 mins prep 30 mins cooking time Ingredients: 2Continue reading “Feel Good Falafels”

Emotional Eating; The Need for More Than Food

I hold the door of the fridge open with one hand and peer in. Lettuce, peppers, cucumber, half a bag of kale, dairy-free yoghurt, oat milk. Nothing looks appealing. I long for ice cream or chocolate but I know I don’t have any.  The truth is, there’s plenty of things I could make. I couldContinue reading “Emotional Eating; The Need for More Than Food”

Canelo Celebration Cake

Named after the boxer, Canelo, this cinnamon roll inspired cake is anything but healthy. As a wellness coach, it’s not the sort of thing I’d usually post but we all need treats sometimes and this is just too good not to share. It’s vegan, gluten free and totally delicious. 45 mins total  15 mins prepContinue reading “Canelo Celebration Cake”

I Love You: How to Love With Intention

I love you. These three tiny words are used to sum up how much we care and appreciate another person.  Recently, I spoke with a friend who told me the importance of this phrase for her. She explained the way she had used it in the past. She explained the way she had abused it.Continue reading “I Love You: How to Love With Intention”

All You Need is Love: Learning to Love Yourself in 3 Simple Steps

Relationships are key to a healthy and happy life. In fact, Blue Zones*, a project centred around researching the healthiest and longest-living cultures on Earth, found that creating a long-lasting relationship and close-knit family is integral to a long and healthy life. It is listed as one of the nine “longevity secrets”. So how doContinue reading “All You Need is Love: Learning to Love Yourself in 3 Simple Steps”

Veganuary Blues: The Surprising Challenge With Going Vegan

When I decided to go vegan, I thought my toughest challenge would be life without Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. As a Wellness Coach, I don’t like admitting that this thought momentarily put into question my entire decision.  But, sense prevailed. Values come before cheap pleasures and so I pushed ahead. GoingContinue reading “Veganuary Blues: The Surprising Challenge With Going Vegan”

The Long Haul of Addiction: How Detoxing Can Help Reset Boundaries

Over the years I’ve detoxed a lot of things. Ice Cream. Crushes. Peanut Butter. Alcohol. Even family members.  Somewhere along the line, you just realise that the thing you love is no longer good for you. You realise that if you don’t limit it or cut it out of your life, it may control youContinue reading “The Long Haul of Addiction: How Detoxing Can Help Reset Boundaries”