What a Year of Coaching Has Taught Me About Myself and Others

My client was quiet. She paused with a slight smile on her lips before speaking. Her eyes sparkled with the last rays of sunlight filtering in through the small window in her room. 

“You mean, it’s as simple as that?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “It is.”

My client laughed. She went on to explain how she felt silly for not seeing it sooner. For not seeing the answer on her own. 

I reassured her that it’s not always as easy as that. Life is messy. Sometimes we need guidance to get to the root of a problem. We need help organising a solution in manageable ways. 

Her laugh filled my heart. She suddenly felt this great sense of relief. She knew the answer and it felt good. She said she was excited to work towards her goal. 

She had already done some of the steps before but she had done them without understanding direction. Without motivation. Without consistency.

I reminded her of what I explained to her in our very first conversation together. Coaching is about guiding her on a journey to find the answers within. She already knows what is best for herself and it’s just about uncovering that with guidance. Uncovering your own inner wisdom is at the heart of coaching. 

She nodded and thanked me. We wrapped up the call and I felt really pleased. I knew she was on the right path. I knew she’d start making progress and pointing her life in the direction she really wanted to go. 

Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on Pexels.com

One year ago I began coaching. I understood that it was helpful. I could see right away that it could make an impact in people’s lives. I could see people were changing. I could see that they pushed themselves in ways that they never would have without realisation of their bigger goals. That they wouldn’t tackle things without direction, motivation and accountability. Fundamentally, I understood and witnessed all of this. 54 coaching hours and many clients later, I can feel the importance of this work too.

I love working with people. I love seeing their eyes light up when they have a breakthrough. I love that they finally understand why they do something the way they do. That they finally understand a deeper part of themselves. Now they can finally work with themselves instead of against themselves.

I love when we pick up a problem together. Sometimes it’s a heavy boulder and we have to pick at it over and over. At first, we find more problems than solutions. But as we keep picking away, we begin breaking it down more and more. The burden is no longer so heavy. We finally see the pieces around us and they are manageable. We can begin to sweep them up one by one. 

Watching a client tackle challenges that they’ve faced for years is an amazing thing. I notice that the drive for change is in each of us. We don’t always want to face it on our own. We don’t always know how to face it. We don’t always think that we’re possible of change. The truth is, we are. We need a lot of courage to make those first steps in a different direction but I am seeing women take those steps all the time.

At the moment, I’m working with a young woman who is at the very beginning of adulthood. It’s exciting. The whole world is in front of her and the decisions she makes over the next couple of years will dictate the course she takes and how her life unfolds. It’s so important for her to understand her own inner wisdom at this time.

I am reminded by her youthful excitement that we are actually all in a stage of life that dictates our future. Every day, we have choices. We choose the life we lead. We either choose or choose to put up with, everything that is a part of our life. Our job, our hobbies, our passions, our bodies, our partners, our friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 years old or 70 years old, you have control over how you live your life. If you’re not happy about the course you’re on, you need to make change. What you do today, defines your tomorrow. 

Published by feelosophywithalex

I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach helping young women to commit to their own wellbeing so that they can live a passionate and purposeful life that they love.

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