UPW: The True Immersion of a Tony Robbins Event

I’d heard that going to a Tony Robbins event could be emotionally and physically demanding. I’d heard that it could leave you with flu-like symptoms and that after just one event people change career, get in shape, build companies, re-connect with loved ones, write screenplays and find freedom from whatever it is that’s holding them back. 

I sat on the idea for weeks. A life-changing event for 4 days of your time? An opportunity to remove blocks and limiting beliefs for the rest of your life? Hmm. I didn’t have time for any kind of flu. I struggled to find time as it was. I didn’t have spare money. I was saving for a deposit. 

Beneath the lame excuses of health, time and money were a flurry of fears. I didn’t want to bring up old traumas that I’d already overcome and put to bed. I didn’t want to be emotional for 4 days straight. I didn’t want to set aside my commitments to work, Feelosophy, kickboxing and my partner for a few days. I didn’t want to get behind. 

I didn’t want to change. 

I didn’t want to be pushed outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable in my own skin. I didn’t want to lose any of my friends or family if I really did change. These thoughts scared me. 

            But after all the excuses, I was left with one simple thought; if I don’t learn how to change my limiting beliefs, I won’t achieve the things in life that really matter to me. 

            A few weeks before the event I explained to my Mum what I was doing. I explained about Unleash the Power Within (UPW) as best I could. It was a place to gain knowledge from a world class leader, to connect with others, to meditate, visualise, jump up and down, create energy, work through fears and change your life. She asked if I was joining a cult. 

            The day finally arrived. I was nervous but had faith that it would be good for me. I had my notebook and pen. I had my water bottle. I was ready. 

I knew the event was designed to take you outside of your comfort zone. It combined a constant switch of mind and body work to ensure your whole body really feels the information you’re taking it. You listen, you move, you learn. 

Despite having long limbs which flail around uncontrollably, I joined in with all the activities that had me jumping up and down and dancing around. I was uncomfortable but it was fun. 

I was determined to listen, move and learn. 

Tony and his team dove into stories and strategies that were beautifully orchestrated with sound, images and content. I absolutely loved all of it and yet a small part of me caught myself thinking that the content was not fully new for me. The information wasn’t anything different to the books and podcasts I had devoured over the years. I knew that this might be shallow-minded and limiting so I pushed my thoughts to the side. 

I listened. I moved as instructed. I learnt.  

Another passionate story captured my imagination. It wasn’t new, but it was so entertaining. 

I listened. I moved as instructed. I learnt. 

Tony shared a visualisation which got us more deeply connected with our emotional side. I saw people with tears in their eyes and I was pleased that they felt some shifts. 

I listened. I moved as instructed. I learnt. 

Tony shared how his strategies transformed his life. I could see how these strategies put into place could move a life from one that was mediocre into something extraordinary. It wasn’t something I hoped for, but it was impressive.

I listened. I moved as instructed. I learnt. 

Tony had us work through our own fears, limiting beliefs and stories. We had an opportunity to share with others and I loved the connection built in such a small amount of time. 

I listened. I moved. I learnt.  

We listened to other speakers and motivational stories. They were passionate and so inspiring. 

I listened. I moved. I learnt. 

Tony took us through meditation and visualisation exercises. 

I listened. I moved. I felt. 

Tony got us to share more of our lives with others. 

I listened. I moved. I felt. 

Tony took us through more stories.

I listened. I moved. I felt. 

Tony explained that “emotions are our best resource”. That creativity, commitment, fear, anger, joy, disgust and certainty are all more powerful for your actions and your future than any amount of money or time ever will be. The concept crept into my mind. 

I listened. I moved. I felt. 

Tony took us through more strategies. I began to feel the emotions that drove my present and future. 

I listened. I moved. I felt. 

Tony took us through more stories. I began to see how he could change his life and how anyone else could do the same. 

I listened. I moved. I felt. 

Tony took us through more visualisations. I began to imagine the strategies in my own life and how I had all the resources I needed to do whatever I wanted. 

I listened. I moved. I cried. I learnt. 

I was finally beginning to see how an immersive experience can transform thoughts into emotions which will drive you forward. 

I don’t think that I learnt anything life-changing over the 4 days with Tony Robbins but I know that I felt something life-changing. The method of full immersion is powerful. It broke through my worries, my fears, my shallow-mindedness, my limitations. It broke through my fear of being uncomfortable or looking foolish. It broke through the idea that I was different to Tony Robbins or anyone else on this Earth. The truth is, we all have the core of what we need to succeed. We all have the ability to use our resources in the best way possible. We all have the capability of transforming our lives. We just need to feel it as truth.

After getting back home I felt drained. I didn’t get a flu but my mind and body were more tired than I ever remember feeling before. That night, I slept for longer than I’ve slept in years. I woke up knowing that I needed the sleep. I would need the energy to be the person I always wanted to be. 

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I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach helping young women to commit to their own wellbeing so that they can live a passionate and purposeful life that they love.

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