Banana Pancakes

Photo by Alex Simmonds

25 mins total 

8 mins prep

17 mins cooking time

-2 cups GF flour

-1 ½ tsp GF baking powder

-¾ tsp salt

-3 tsp egg replacer with 6 tablespoons of water

-2 large ripe mashed bananas

-2 cups oat milk or other milk alternative

  1. Set your oven to 100 C and place an oven-proof plate or dish on the rack to hold your pancakes warm whilst you cook each one.

2. In a large bowl mix your flour, baking powder and salt together.

3. In a medium bowl mix your mashed banana, egg replacement and milk alternative together.

4. Pour all of the wet ingredients into your large, dry ingredient, bowl and stir.

5. Put a teaspoon of oil on a hot frying pan and pour the batter in a circle like shape. 

6. When you see little holes appear across the pancake batter, use a spatula to flip your pancake. It should be a lovely golden colour. After a minute or two, check the other side and cook until golden in colour.

7. Put your newly made pancake in the oven whilst you make your next.

8. Repeat until you’ve used up all of your batter.

9. Serve with maple syrup  or your favourite pancake topping.

Healthy topping ideas

-Vegan butter with maple syrup (Whilst maple syrup is a form of sugar, it is natural so long as you buy pure maple syrup. This doesn’t have added sugar syrups and refined sugar and is easier for us to digest within a balanced diet)

-Vegan butter with homemade blackberry jam

-Vegan butter with cinnamon 

-Vegan butter with chopped apple mixed with lemon juice and crumbled walnuts (great on top of homemade jam or on it’s own)

-Almond butter & banana slices

-Peanut butter, banana slices, cinnamon & chia seeds (my favourite)

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I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach helping young women to commit to their own wellbeing so that they can live a passionate and purposeful life that they love.

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